What is Buy Design?

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We are brand experience designers

Using design thinking, we craft brand experiences that create value at every relevant touchpoint. From in-store merchandising, digital/social/mobile applications and retailer initiatives to local marketing, packaging development and content creation, our purpose is to get consumers and shoppers to buy into your brand and purchase your product.

More than a philosophy

From the way we recruit employees, speak to our clients and approach our work, everything we do at TracyLocke is Buy Design. It’s not just how we think; it’s how we behave. Buy Design is at the heart of our go-to-business process, using art and science across interlocking centres of excellence:

Understand: Uncover deeply empathetic consumer and shopper insightsBlue Circle
Imagine: Create ideas that solve shopper and customer pain pointsPink Circle
Act: Design scalable solutions that can be executed at the speed of retail.Purple Circle
Learn: Measure and analyze throughout in order to constantly improve.Turquoise Cricle

Tools Of Our Trade

We've created an innovative array of design-centric tools to help inform and build our strategies, ideas, actions and analytics throughout the Buy Design Journey.


Ensures creative materials capture attention, connect with the shopper and get them to commit to purchase.


Places the buyer at the center of the journey, mapping out their points of consumer and shopper receptivity.


Allows us to shape a category, a brand and/or a retailer’s future through trend analysis, workshops and immersion.

Deep Dive

Identifies potential barriers and opportunities resulting from the collision of culture, consumers, shoppers and retailers.


Ideation that goes beyond brainstorming, utilizing disruptive approaches that result in big ideas.

Buyer UX Model

Enables a holistic view of the path to purchase so the buyer-user experience is contextually relevant at all touchpoints.