Strategic Milk Alliance

Milk Colouring Contest

How do you get millennial moms to buy more milk? This campaign was driven by the insight that over half of Canadians spend about 20 minutes per week looking through grocery circulars. Capitalizing on the growing trend of adult colouring books, we took a full-page flyer trade buy and converted it into the first ever colouring contest for grown-ups. 

Impressions were though the roof; we had close to 2000 submissions from across the country, all vying for our top prize of a trip anywhere in Canada. And while most ads would be happy with engagement times of a few seconds or a few minutes, contestants spend up to four hours engaging with our campaign. Not to mention the more than 3 million impressions we garnered with our “#milkmoments” hashtag.

By striking an emotional chord with moms, tying milk to the joys and nostalgia of childhood, and innovating a tired medium in a creative way, we convinced mom to put more milk on the shopping list.